SOLD (ss) Stunning, White Waffen-SS Panzer Untersturmfűhrer Dress Tunic

SKU: Uaks5


This fine piece of SS cloth is remarkable. The condition, style, assemblage of perfectly textbook insignia provisioned for snap-on wear–all combine to make this a truly one of a kind SS Tunic. The features are loosely designed along the lines of an M-40 tunic, but with French cuffs and a two hook closure at the neck. The material is a fine cotton herringbone (not drill material), with provisions for officer narrow-tongue slip on boards, and screw in fastening buttons. All buttons are “Extra Fein” brand. The six closure buttons on the front of the tunic are also “Extra Fein” and are sewn on, not S-ring removable buttons. The tabs are fine runic and Ustuf rank on wool, with aluminum piping and four male portion snaps each. They fit perfectly into the female portions affixed to the collar, with no tampering or replacement. Same for the sleeve eagle, which is a marvelous bullion example that is similarly affixed with snaps. The pink piped Ustuf slip on boards are the subdued type, with rayon piping in Panzer ‘hellrose.’ There is an EKII ribbon sewn at the buttonhole, and an aperture for a screw back EKI is located in the middle of the left breast pocket fold. The inside has a white silk half-lining. The entire jacket is free of significant yellowing or staining, although both exist very moderately. The condition overall is frankly stunning. A cursory internet search of “Gerhard Brehmer LAH” will yield several photos of a similar tunic in wear. For the most discriminating SS collection. COA accompanies.


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