ON HOLD (am) Stunning Waffen-SS M40 Double Runic Helmet

SKU: Wspmcdr1

This absolutely stunning SS helmet is a cornerstone piece in the SS Helmet collecting community. As an ET66 M40 with a lot number of 5070, it is among the earliest production range of observable ET M40 double decal helmets made in early 1940 off of the tail end of the heat lot number sequence of the ET M35 production. The finish is the darker green ET schiefergrau with light texture and some surface patina. The decals are matching condition CA pochers and they are not Factory applied, but unit applied — and at the same time. Besides Germania Regiment, decorating their helmets with a rune over the party Shield during the West campaign (as pictured in my books), The Finns were among the first foreign units in the SS, and they also wore double rune helmets throughout the war.  They were part of ,Nordland’ as early as 1940 – 41.   The liner is double — ply, but has a 1940 production date and the chinstrap is a Carl Tesh VA SS 1938 strap, that is original to the helmet and matches in every aspect of wear and patina (see pictures). I have tried to photograph the name in the liner to show several different angles.  It appears to  begin with a ‘G’ and ends with the letters ‘bjork.’ The sum of the parts of this helmet make it a textbook, by the numbers, classic double runic example, which is very exciting. The new owner of this helmet will realize what a jewel it is, and it will likely go back underground for a number of years to come. Full COA companies of course.

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