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HOLD (pa) Stunning Waffen-SS Camo Wire M40 Helmet

Very seldom is an SS Camo Wire helmet offered for sale. This exceptional piece comes from an advanced French collector of many years in the field. I am honored to be able to offer it for sale. The shell is a Q62 M40 with the Quist schiefergrau finish and original liner and chinstrap, untouched. Outside is sprayed a tan and grass green camouflage pattern in very subtle tones. The decal is covered, but where the paint has flaked away in spots, the close to full SS shield is evident underneath the paint and along the outline. Atop the camouflage finish is a Criss-Cross of thin gauge wire, with a strand around the circumference as well. The soldier shrewdly wired this helmet with only one knot, which is secured at the outside against the decal area. The rest of the wire is continuous, in and out of the vent holes, up over the top and down under the skirt of the helmet. I am sure this technique lent itself to a secure basket for affixing foliage, etc. The wire is by all appearances completely untouched, period original to the helmet, given the reaction of the metal against the paint, and other nuanced characteristics that appear on original examples. If you have been searching for one of these, this is a once in a long time chance to own a premier type of waffen-ss helmet, that itself likely hearkens to the Normandy campaign. COA accompanies.

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