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RESERVED Stunning, Untouched SS-VT Untersturmführer of ,Germania’ in Black Parade Dress

Offered for sale is one of the finest and rarest of the SS-VT black uniforms; SS-2, ,Germania.’ The jacket is a contract tailor piece of the firm Oswald Boehme, Chemnizt. The tunic is the M36 pattern, made of a very fine moleskin-like wool of superb quality. The lining is black silk. The badging shows every indication of being period applied and completely unmolested. The single board is badged with the gothic ‘G’ cipher. The tabs are machine sewn matching ‘SS2’ and untersturmführer rank, with the hallmark SS-RZM style rank pips of the correct time period. The armband is period affixed and fine; the cufftitle is the officer’s flatwire version. An adjutant’s aiguilette is present and shows uniform, commensurate patina with the garment and all insignia. A truly outstanding piece that will become the centerpiece of its new collection home. COA accompanies, contact me for price.

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