Stunning SS-Totenkopfverband “Thüringen” Officer’s Tunic

SKU: Uams10

This is a fine, unaltered example of an SS-TV Hauptsturmführer’s tunic, badged to 3 / SS-Totenkopfstandarte “Thüringen.” The tunic is in the famous M36 ‘SS-Rock’ cut. It a private tailored piece, with no tailor’s label, which is indicative of the officer’s kleiderkasse means of purchase of this tunic. The insignia consist of a fine, matching set of horizontal hand-embroidered skull; and rank tab with three pips and two litzen, indicating Hauptsturmführer (captain) rank. The tabs are machine applied to the collar, and have not been altered, replaced, or touched–they are perfect. The right shoulder bears the straight unbraided aluminum cord, indicative of company grade officers (Captain and below). The armband is very nice, multi-layered construction with a 1937 dated RZM tag on the reverse. It is period tacked onto the sleeve; correctly as per many examples. The “Thüringen” flatwire officer’s cufftitle is hand sewn to the french cuff of the left sleeve. Observable wear patterns suggest this cuffband has not been off the tunic. The interior is lined in black silk, with the traditional pillow-ticking lining for the sleeves. There is a state film property mark / number in the upper left sleeve lining, lending even greater provenance to the authenticity of this jacket–these marks have become an historic and well-known proof of custody of original SS items themselves. All in all a fabulous untouched example of a rare SS-TV tunic. Lifetime COA accompanies this sale. Price on Request.

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