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**RESERVED** Stunning SS-StuG Officer’s Wrapper, Panzerjäger


Presented here is a beautiful, fully original-badged and untouched example of a Sturmgeschütz (StuG) Obersturmführer Wrapper. This garment has been curated by one individual for decades and remains in unhandled condition. The piece is tailored of a fine, lightweight whipcord wool, with full satin lining. The collar insignia are machine sewn and consist of matching SS-RZM rank tab and bullion hand embroidered runic tab, both rendered on badgecloth and edged in aluminum. The pink piped shoulder boards have one rank pip and black underlay, and are sewn in. The classic, textbook bullion sleeve eagle is perfectly tailor hand applied as expected. The jacket is free of damage or moth bites and has all buttons, with none replaced. Overall gentle wear and use are evident throughout, untouched, with a fine, gentle patina to all components. There is no evidence of a cuff title ever having been on this one. A truly once in a lifetime quality piece, likely not upgradable. COA accompanies.

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