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SOLD Stunning SS-Gruppenfűhrer M36 Tunic

This beautiful tunic is a once in a lifetime collectible in terms of its condition, quality, tailoring, size and overall appeal. It is tailored by August Ahlers Jr. Luneburg, and bears the ‘superior tailor’s’ seal alongside the Ahlers label. Inside the pocket is the name ticket, unfortunately bearing only part of the rank (‘SS-Grup–‘)and the ticket number 528 of the tailoring job for this piece. I believe with some diligence, an image of the Gruppenfűhrer who owned and is wearing this tunic might possibly be discovered in literature or on the internet–as there were not that many SS-Gruppenfűhrer level officers.  Given it is not a combat piece, that image might be all the more elusive–but still possible. The tunic is an M36 cut, featuring the two seam back with belt buttons at the bottom of each seam arc. The collar is the open style, piped in thicker gauge aluminum twist.  The sleeves are finished in French cuffs. The interior is fully lined with imitation satin, as are the sleeves. The shoulder boards are sewn-in, and bear no re-stitch marks or other disturbance. The collar tabs similarly are period applied, showing no replacement or disturbance. They are velvet backed hand embroidery, textbook in every way (Marshal’s Baton has an excellent treatise on identifying original SS Generals’ tabs).  The sleeve eagle is a fine bullion example, neatly tailor applied and unaltered. The right upper sleeve bears the ‘ehrenwinkel’ or old-fighters’ chevron, signifying early SS membership. The left breast pocket bears a multiple-loop ribbon bar set of loops; and the center pocket bears a long vertical row of loops for likely suspension of an EKI with spange and another medal directly under. There are other possibilities for this vertical array as seen in many illustrations. It cannot be overstated what a fine artifact this tunic is, and it can grace the finest quality SS uniform collection. Full COA and background information accompanies sale. Price and other information provided upon request.

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