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RESERVED ™ Stunning, Named Sicherheitsdienst White Dress Tunic


This is a fine tailored example of the M36 SS dress tunic in white. The material is a fine, lightweight wool, with four button open front (SS-RZM Ludenscheid buttons) and the two belt hook buttons in the rear. The jacket is adorned with the single striped aluminum shoulder board for junior officers, the old fighter’s chevron, Sicherheitsdienst collar tabs for Obersturmführer; the Nazi party brassard, and a fine, bullion SD diamond piped in aluminum edging for Gestapo membership. The interior features a cream colored silk lining with tailor’s label. This tunic is a type seldom seen, much less in this quality and fully badged.  The tunic is named to Eduard Holste, included is a data sheet on him. A real addition to the advanced SS cloth collection. COA accompanies.

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