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**RESERVED** (mc) Stunning, One of a Kind FJR-6 Double Decal Camo FJ Helmet


***After a good conversation with the client, keeping in mind the rarity and scarcity of something like this FJR6, we have decided to offer a much more appropriate price point, which is commensurate not only with the significance of this piece, but also with the reasonable realities of the collecting community, thank you for your understanding***

You will not see one of these in nearly a collector lifetime; an original Fallschirmjäger Regiment 6 Camouflage M38 Helmet, ET68 #4037, with Double Decals! This helmet was initially recovered from a shed in the Normandy region several decades ago and has been in two collections only. The helmet features double decals underneath the classic Green and Tan FJR6 camouflage scheme, and shows the patina from a period of exposure within the shed before being found and collected. The interior is fully intact, with the expected tan crash pad under the liner and early style chinstrap system. The liner and all components are in great condition overall, which makes this helmet so nice. The bolts are intact and undisturbed. All components are as is from the wartime. A lifetime piece and a whole collection in itself! COA and collector information accompany. Price includes secure shipping.

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