HOLD (a.k.) Stunning, Named SS-VT Officer’s Visor Cap, DKiG Winner

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This cap is a fine example of an SS-VT prewar black SS officer’s visor cap, with full name and unit (and file) identification of this accomplished Munich native. It comes from a premier US collection. The cap itself is a private purchase from a local Munich producer, brand name “Deutsche Werke – Arbeit” in fancy sutterlin script, behind a full celluloid sweat diamond. The interior features a lining of a combination of lime green silk and turquoise colored cotton, with perfectly correct tacking of the interior to the body fabric behind the old-style silk edge decorated leatherette sweatband. The exterior features a doeskin quality black wool body with white piping, with velvet cap band and vulkanfiber visor. The unaltered officer’s chin cord frames the visor. The Deschler pattern skull is original untouched to the cap, as is the Cupal eagle above it. Both show identical condition wear and patina. On the interior edge of the visor is inscribed in paint: “SS-Ustuf. Bauerle, 2./SS-3.” (Second Company, Third SS Standarte, “Der Fuhrer.”) This inscription shows age crazing and patina, having been hand rendered in black paint or thick ink (most likely paint).  Based on this inscription, the researcher was able to recover the correct “Bauerle” file from the National Archives, and it is pictured here. Bauerle was a long-term member of the Munich based “Deutschland” Standarte, but for a short period immediately following the Anschluss of Austria, was given the extreme honor to command a company during the establishment of the first battalion of Standarte “Der Fuhrer.” Bauerle had begun his SS service in 1931, rose through the NCO and officer ranks, then saw combat service including Regiment “Westland,” during which in 1943 he was severely wounded in the Caucasus, and had to have his right foot amputated. He had earned the German Cross in Gold during that engagement. The file then shows his presence in SS-Feldlazerett Dachau. He was an instructor at Bad Tölz, and other training facilities, but his expertise was once again needed on the battlefield. He fought  in 17th SS “GvB” from 9 December 1944. He is featured in the late Mark Yerger’s epic works on the German Cross in Gold, volume 7 (narrative image included here).  A fine, identified artifact of the SS-VT period, this cap would be hard to upgrade in both condition as well as historical significance. COA acconpanies.

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