Stunning M42 Later War Heer or SS Camo Helmet

SKU: skurgr5


This beautiful camo comes from one of the most renowned camo collections. I am proud to offer it. The base helmet is an NS M42, marked in the rear skirt, suggesting post-June 1943 production. The liner and chinstrap are untouched original to the helmet, and the buckle end of the strap is missing. The finish is the typical NS schiefergrau medium texture. The camo finish consists of three colors–pinkish ordinance tan, grass green and brick red; applied in a vivid pattern from top down. The pattern they form is special–it resembles the SS Liebermuster camouflage pattern in a vague way. I’m not saying it is SS, but the camo pattern is unusual enough to bear mention. Priced as a beautiful heer camo, this extraordinary piece will find a central position on your camo helmet shelf. COA accompanies purchase.