(Rh)Stunning, Huge Waffen-SS M35 Helmet, Vet Purchased

SKU: Wstm100


This nearly MINT unissued helmet is an ET70, heat lot number 3946, Dated 1939 throughout. The finish is, in my opinion after carefully inspecting this helmet, a factory last minute refinish, using an early version of the M40 style finish. I say this for a number of reasons, including the fact that the interior is the smooth pea green feldgrau of ET M35s, including dome stamp style and the size 62 liner markings–Kampmann chinstrap too. Everything inside is 100% M35 production configuration. The outside, however, has that very thin layer of matte texture, and a fresh set of CA Pochers. The outlines of the first set of factory installed decals are visible along the edges of each. The party shield on the outer finish is very canted, indicating a quick application. I surmise the helmet was a late stage M35 that got sent back through for a refinish before being included in an M40 specification issue. That is a guess, but the forensics of this piece support that. Regardless, it was purchased from the GI who picked it up in Sicily, and his file is included. A stunning and excellent addition to the SS helmet collection. COA accompanies.