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RESERVED (mw) Stunning Heer M35 “Sawdust” Camouflage Helmet


This is a stunning, minty Heer Sawdust Camo, Q66 #3494. The issue piece was an earlier double decal Quist, feldgrau finish and 1937 single ply liner and strap (the helmet initially was found without strap, and this beautiful 1938 specimen was collector added). The helmet was given a thick coat of dark greenish feldgrau paint, mixed with grit and sawdust, covering the national shield, but leaving the ‘Bigfoot’ Heer adler exposed. The adler shows a slight-mis-registry in printing, but is a classic “Big Foot” at almost 100%. The closeups show the little areas of National shield showing through, and the manner in which the Heer decal was painted around– to ostensibly conform to 1940 specifications, but done in a full camo fashion, not reissue. The overall condition is excellent, showing light to moderate service use. A beauty, and from one of the best known collections. COA accompanies.

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