HOLD (dn) Stunning Heer Camo Chickenwire M35 Helmet, Named

SKU: Mhcgcam1

This helmet is just outstanding. It consists of an NS66 M35 reissue, with a hand brushed camouflage finish in ordinance tan and grass green as the predominant colors. Atop this is a perfectly textbook original chickenwire basket, with three attachment wires hooked under the rim at the rear and each side of the visor. The overall condition of the helmet is excellent– it was not beat to death nor left out in the elements a long time, therefore it is not unduly rusted or abused. (As we have all seen, too much rust and abuse are often the hallmark of counterfeits). There is appropriate interaction between the wire and the finish to show these were absolutely together in the period. I’ve attempted to capture these nuances in the accompanying photographs. The interior is in excellent, lightly worn condition. There is a light coat of reissue finish inside, with a size 58 marked M-40 replacement liner in lightly worn condition.  In the rear is a nicely hand painted inscription of the soldier’s name and rank. The chinstrap is original to the helmet and the tip is tucked tightly down between the band and the helmet. I’m not a helmet cleaner, so I’m leaving this as is, along with the wonderful original interior grime that characterizes an untouched, unhandled helmet. A beauty in every respect, and will grace the best camo collection. COA accompanies.

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