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Stunning, Early Spanner Tan Camo Fallschirmjäger Helmet


This FJ helmet is one of the most outstanding I have handled and is a one-look, early production battle damaged veteran. Consigner reports it is from a famous European collection. It speaks volumes of possibilities, including of course, North Africa, Sicily and pan-Italian combat service. The finish is present to a high degree, and is a single color tan camouflage. The paint shows the authentic patina commensurate with the fact that the shell has a concussion fracture (suggesting a negative end for the soldier) top front. The interior bears the complete, darkened liner with yellow pad, showing the effects of hard sweat, heat and exposure to the elements. A splendid bonus is the nearly full Luftwaffe Adler, which is visible underneath the paint. The national shield does not show, indicating likely removal at some early stage prior to the camo finish being applied. A very interesting additional feature is the double strike of not only the heat lot number (4875 and 4884), but also the maker mark (ET68/ET68). It is rare to observe this dual marking protocol. A helmet like this is a striking example, and a wonderful addition to the advanced FJ collection. COA accompanies.

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