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Stunning camouflage FJ M38 Helmet, Complete


This is simply a beautiful Fallschirmjäger M38 helmet, with early spanner bolts and shell size ET68. The heat Lot number is 842. The helmet displays only moderate service wear and only the lightest effects of age, with especially the liner being still supple and golden brown. The chin straps still have that serviceable appearance with only one separation of about an inch and a half along one axis. All the stitching is nice and tight and a detailed photo of the rivets inside reveals no touching any time in recent history. Not only that but the spanner bolts have not been marked up or toyed with. Just a beautiful helmet with what I would consider to be a Normandy camouflage scheme of grass green and brick red in a subtle pattern. The eagle is at least 80% under the camo paint with only a couple of flakes on the left wing area. These quality pieces are incredibly hard to find now as they have mostly been collected up. This one is offered reasonablyРand is a premier collectible M38. COA accompanies.


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