Stunning and Rare Sauerland Helmet

SKU: WhDT628

A fine and pristine m42 Sauerland helmet, NS64, lot #628

The helmet features the correct Sauerland decal with the left hand double border.  This exact helmet  is featured in  “Germany’s Combat Helmets 1933-1945 “ by Ken Niewiarowicz  , page 320 and the helmet decal  itself in  “The Helmet Decals of the Third Reich” page 255 also by Niewiarowicz.  This type is one of the greatest rarities of German WW2 helmets, with only a handful of extant genuine examples known.  All verified Sauerland helmets are M42 and the products of “NS” -Vereinigte Deutsche Nikelwerke, Schwerte, Westphalen.
Schwerte is situated in the Ruhr Valley near the Southeast border of the Ruhr area. The mountainous Sauerland region is South of Schwerte. Both are part of Westphalia. The Friekorps Sauerland was an “elite”  volunteer Militia that was incorporated into the Volkssturm in late 1944. Since the original unit composed of teachers and workers was strictly volunteer, they set about getting some of their own uniforms, equipment and insignia. NS is the only area helmet maker so it certainly makes sense this is where the Gaulieters would have ordered helmets from. The units saw action at North Lunern in April of 1945 having about 27 men killed in action by the Americans and Canadians. Also the unit saw action in the Ruhr pocket fighting and in the Sauerland area. A once in a lifetime opportunity! COA on request.

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