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(reserved c.t.) Striking Waffen-SS General Officer’s Combat Tunic


This is a once in a collector lifetime to own an untouched Waffen-SS Brigadef┼▒hrer tunic, with all original badging and excellent provenance. The piece is a tailor made, field quality tunic, with artificial satin lining and French cuffs. There is no nametag present. The boards, tabs and eagle all show the same patina and expert application techniques. The tabs are the post-1942 pattern oakleaves. The sleeve eagle is a classic bullion piece. The pictures show the ribbon bar and badge arrays, which appear to include loops for the WWI iron cross with spange and the gold Nazi party badge. There are also loops substantial enough for the German Cross in gold, on the right breast pocket. A WWI iron cross ribbon with spange decorates the button hole.

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