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Striking Sicherheitsdienst (SD) Major’s 4 Pocket Tunic


This fine garment is a Warsaw-tailored M36 style open collar tunic in gabardine, for an SS-Sturmbannführer of Sicherheitsdienst- SD. The tunic shows fine patina to the material, with no damage or mothing. The insignia are classic SD colored farb on the shoulderboards, with a stunning bullion sleeve eagle tailored stitched to the left sleeve. Below that, past the sleeve bend is the officer’s bullion “SD” raute. The right sleeve bears the old fighter’s chevron in silver flat-wire weave.  The interior lining is free from any damage and the warsaw tailor’s label is affixed to the upper collar area interior. A beautiful piece, untouched and right out of the holocaust epicenter.  COA accompanies.


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