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RESERVED (m.g.) Striking, Rare SS-TV “Oberbayern” NCO Tunic in Black


This is a phenomenally rare and never before offered for sale item, with all badging original period and unaltered. Apparently the wearer spent extra for this garment, as it consists of a very high quality M36 style SS Rock, made of a ‘feintuch’ wool with a high quality unmarked black silk lining. The insignia show the exquisite look of the skilled handiwork of the cottage industry embroiderers of the time. Everything is very nicely sewn, with no stitch altered. The passage of time has allowed for a gentle patina to show uniformly across the garment and insignia, creating that “one-look” originality factor. In addition to speaking for itself, this Rock comes from the collection of one of the world’s most famous TR author / collectors. I know I’ve looked a lifetime for this quality SS-TV item, and it will fill a significant void in the most discriminating collection. COA accompanies.

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