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Striking Fliegerbluse to a Highly Decorated LW NCO


This is one of the more unique pieces I’ve handled in some time. Starting with the basics, the jacket is a 1943 LBA-issued Luftwaffe EM Fliegerbluse, with LW breast eagle; and the tress and rank badging for a Feldwebel der Flieger. The tunic is looped for a ribbon bar (?) and two awards, including probably the DKiG, judging by the heft of the 4 loops on the right breast. The tunic is adorned with hand applied Flugzeugführer-Beobachter — and below a Fallschirmschützenabzeichen–both in cloth. On the lower left sleeve is a tan “Afrika” cufftitle, also hand applied. In hand, there is strong indication these badges were period applied, with patina to the thread and surfaces, and wear commensurate with the tunic surface in general. The tunic was obtained exactly as is by the collector many years ago from the respected Grenadier Militaria. With the tunic in this configuration, it appears that it likely was an FJ soldier who served in the Afrika campaign, went on to become a pilot-observer, seeing enough action to potentially earn the DKiG. A striking artifact for the Luftwaffe collection. COA accompanies.


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