HOLD (ra) Striking 82nd Airborne MP Jump Helmet

SKU: Mhjpr82d


This fine US Airborne helmet consists of a front-seam swivel-bale shell, with factory installed ten-row airborne strap webbing in lightly faded OD #7. The significance: While a later ten-row instead of eleven-row webbing, the OD#7 color suggests likely end of WWII or Korean War factory installation. The front seam with swivel bales is a 1944 produced helmet shell, just pre-dating the late war switch to rear seam. The repaint finish is dark OD, and decorated with an elaborate combination of hand painting and decals, to comprise the 82nd Airborne Military Police decorations. The letters MP, along with the yellow stripe on the circumference, are hand-rendered; the 82nd Airborne Division emblems are decals. The paint, decorations and decals show consistent period age and service use. The liner is a Westinghouse, with Rigger-installed A-straps in OD#7 color, which is correct for the late WWII period (into the Korean War period). The web chin-cup (strap) is WWII and in the OD#3 color. The liner itself has the female snaps to accommodate the helmet shell Airborne webbing extension, which completes it as an Airborne piece. The name and service number of the owner is painted inside the shell. This can be researched. A cursory search revealed the possible owner, a now-deceased Kerwin Swearingen of Oklahoma, who served in the Airborne, but was only barely old enough to have been in during the Korean war period. This, plus the rigger-installed A-straps, may indicate this is a Korean War period helmet. Much if not most of the equipment used by the US Army during the Korean war was leftover WWII stocks, with only a modest need for upgrading, which was the case during the short interval between those conflicts. This helmet is therefore priced accordingly, not as a WWII 82nd jump helmet, but as an inter-war and Korea to post-Korea period-used piece. A fine piece of US Airborne history!

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