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SS Wehrpass, KL and TK Infantry Duty


This is a fantastic Wehrpass with a lot of historical interest. The bearer, Friedrich Wiljoti, is pictured in his M36 SS-TV tunic with TK collar tab, blank rank tab and pointed shoulderboards with the 2 for SS-TJR ,Brandenburg.’  On page 33 of the Soldbuch is an entry documenting Wiljoti’s presence at the massacre of the Royal Norfolks at Le Paradis, as a member of Fritz Knoechlein’s company. It is interesting to note that the stampings in the Soldbuch indicate Wiljoti is a member of the “MG Komp” or machine gun company…which leads me to wonder if he was one of the trigger men at that terrible massacre. Other entries include his weapons qualifications, his service at Sachsenhausen / Oranienburg; and the nachfrage bears the signature of SS-Oberfuhrer Hans Loritz, the infamous commandant of KL Sachsenhausen during 1940. It would be hard to find a more historically diverse document that this, which is like a roadmap for one man’s journey through some of the worst that Totenkopf had to offer.

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