SS-VT / Waffen-SS M35 Helmet, Treblinka Commandant Provenance

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This helmet surfaced a couple of years ago and its identity was not revealed until the owner shared with me the names inside the helmet. After intensive analysis and research, it was determined that this helmet belonged for a period of time to SS-Ostuf Irmfried Eberl, the perpetrator / executor of the ‘Aktion T-4’ Euthanasia program, and for a short and horribly destructive period, the commandant of the infamous Treblinka extermination camp.

The helmet is a Quist 64 M35, with the common multiple layers of feldgrau, black and again feldgrau; with as many sets of decals in layers atop each finish. The chinstrap is a Carl Tesch contract, with the VA-SS 1938 marking visible on the long portion. The outermost decals are classic CA Pocher. The liner shows two names, and the initials of a possible third person the helmet was issued to. “I Eberl” is one of only one in the RuSHA Berlin Document Center files of the SS. An incredible piece of Holocaust history. Inquiries on price and other information welcome.  Here is the link to the page in this website, with additional pictures and details describing the circumstances of this helmet.