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SOLD (mp) SS-VT / Waffen-SS M35 Helmet by ET


This is a textbook example of the well known type of M35 Waffen-SS helmet produced by ET. The size is 64, with a heat lot number in the 4 thousand series, indicating likely 1939 production. The finish is the typical ‘pea-green’ ET factory feldgrau, and the decals are the classic pre-1940 ET pattern, showing factory glue and lacquer application. The liner and chinstrap are original untouched and show medium service use and wear. The paint is strong, with most of the wear at the rivets. The helmet has been extensively service used and worn, but overall is free of any excessive wear, or damage. There is a slight crease in the helmet shell right at the forehead, but there is no accompanying paint loss. Overall this is a solid, collectible example of this iconic piece of SS headgear. COA accompanies.

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