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SOLD (dc) Service Used SS-VT Combat M35 Helmet


This outstanding, combat worn M35 helmet is an example of the early use of M35 helmets by the SS-VT during such campaigns as the Polish Campaign, the Westfeldzug, and the early part of Barbarossa. The helmet shows its initial issue as a factory M35, eventually painted black for parade use, then re-painted that typical early blue-ish feldgrau so often seen in these early repaints. Each finish layer subsequent to This is a constant throughout many examples, and is a distinct early war characteristic. The shell of this example is a Q62, heat lot number (only three digits legible — 332), still an earlier production run. The finishes as mentioned above include factory Quist feldgrau, parade black, and finally that distinctive, high quality feldgrau with the bluish or seafoam cast to it. The layers of decals are visible on top of each other. Both the finish and the decals show constant, honest service use and wear. The liner appears to have been likely treated at some point, but is not moist and is intact, as is the strap. The black finish shows through a lot on this one– a piece of SS history! COA accompanies.

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