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SS-VT / Allgemiene Visor NAMED ‘Deutchland’ Regt.



This is a fine black NCO visor cap,  featuring an RZM 52 Deschler skull and RZM m1/8 eagle that were used to properly re-attach to complete this beautiful piece of SS headgear. Interior shows to be a preferred size 58,  with VA 1937 stamp inside the sweatband- along with both proper cloth tags. The sweat diamond bears a name tag, “GELs-OS or DS, 5 SS “D,” which may make this a researchable project. The visor itself is in beautiful condition with some light service wear to interior. The inside foam, like most visors, is dry and brittle. This is a choice piece of early SS headgear that will make a fantastic display. COA accompanies.

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