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SS-TK ‘Thule’ Veteran’s Personal Photo Albumn


A fine collector and published author has consigned one of his most noted items, a photo album from a former member of SS-TK Regiment ‘Thule.’ The album consists of mainly period photos, taken by the soldier, along with some copies of stock photos and even some modern ones from his ‘Treffe.’ The photos are excellent quality and can be scanned and enlarged to show a great variety of uniforms and insignia, as well as candid shots of NCOs, Officers and men of not only ‘Thule,’ but also SS-VT Regiment ‘Germania,’ with whom this individual also served. Quite an array of rare and valuable materials, and along with the narrative in German explaining his fascinating combat and POW service, also shows the important places, events and even somewhat the personality of this SS Totenkopf veteran, Erich Koerner. A marvelous piece of history. COA accompanies.

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