SS-Soldbuch, KL Bergen-Belsen

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This soldbuch, the property of Otto Imgart, bears a very nice portrait shot that shows the double line swastika used by camp guards from 1944-1945. Imgart, another WWI veteran (born in 1888!), was a volunteer for service in the camps, freeing up younger TK members to fight at the front. Imgart received his typhoid shots (p. 17) after his basic issue of weapon, ammo and uniform. He reported for duty at the camp prior to August 1944. Despite the innoculations, he contracted Fleckfieber (typhoid) and died in hospital in Hamburg on 2 May 1945. The red X on his soldbuch reflects this. The horrific typhoid epidemic at Bergen-Belsen, a constant spectre to guards and prisoners alike there, also took the life of Anne Frank shortly before the camp’s liberation by the British. (Of special note, the Urlaub, or 24 hour pass, is signed by the first camp commandant, Adolf Haas (pictured). Haas is also at the center of the group picture from web research, and presumably Imgart is in the picture as well).

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