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ON HOLD (mw) SS-Sicherheitsdienst M34 Helmet – Amsterdam?


I had previously owned this SD helmet, having purchased it second-hand vet. I noticed the name and markings before, but did not consider the significance of the three “x”s in a rectangle. In the intervening years, I have collected and researched headgear belonging to the SD who were stationed in Netherlands during the war.  In nearly 20 visits to Amsterdam, the symbol of the city became impressed upon me: three Xs in a rectangle. There is no way to prove this unless the names Hoffman or Thomas can be pegged to the SD in Amsterdam, whether this helmet, thusly marked, could have been used there. The helmet is a standard M34 SD helmet, with a pair of CA Pocher runic and party shields affixed. The condition overall shows age and moderate use wear. An interesting and potentially historic SD helmet. COA accompanies.

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