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(m.h.)SS-Pz Division ,,Das Reich” KIA Soldbuch, Awards, and Document Grouping

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This young panzer Schütze started out as a member of the Hitlerjugend, then in mid-war was inducted into the SS and became a gunner in a Tiger in Das Reich. His full soldbuch is present, as are his personal photos in his uniform, sympathy letters to his family, pictures of his gravesite, and his broken half of his ID disc. He earned the PAB in silver, which is a solid back un-marked, with almost all its silver finish remaining. His Hitler Youth shooting booklet is present, among other HJ effects. There are pictures and documents to his father, who was a dragoon in WWI, plus maps and a visitor’s packet used by his mother in a visit to his grave in Normandy in 1969. There are pictures of his grave at the time of his death, and also from the 1969 visit, showing the upgrading of the cemetery. The last letter Metzger wrote home (pictured) was dated two days prior to his death. This is a deeply moving grouping of documents, showing how his regiment commander and unit commander took the time to write the family. Quite historic! COA accompanies.  PS, below is the partial translation of the commander’s letter to the family:

“Dear Mr. Metzger, Today it is my duty to inform you that on July 8, 1944, at 8:50 a.m., your son, SS Sturmmann Horst Metzger, was killed in action in St Fromond, northwest of St Lo.

During a counterattack by the company, in which your son was driving a tank, the tank received an Artl direct hit, which penetrated the armor plate with its heavy caliber and fatally wounded your boy. (carotid). His body as well as the belongings could not be recovered despite a double thrust and remained in the hands of the enemy. For the loss that has befallen you, I express my deepest condolences and the deepest condolences of the Company. Etc. etc.

Signed Dürr,


Company Commander

end quote


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