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This is a classic Allgemeine-SS commercially produced “Himmler Style” helmet, in satin black finish with M-27 liner. The helmet dates to the early period of the SS wherein no decals or insignia were used. These can be seen in many pictures of AH giving speeches, and the surrounding SS troops are wearing simply black, undecorated helmets. At any rate, the helmet has a very interesting history, being named on the accompanying 1934 Dienstaltersliste to Gold Party Badge holder, SS Obersturmführer Franz Jäger. To have a helmet attributed to a GPB holder is fairly significant, showing how these items were used in the early days by all ranks when helmets were to be worn. Moreover, in 1934, insignia weren’t standardized yet, so many helmets were still black only. A very interesting piece, great condition and bearing an important history. COA accompanies.

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