Soldier Sendback Bevo SS Skull With History

SKU: Cicw17

This is a very historic uniform removed combat relic that was sent home by a soldier who was then killed during the battles around Metz. He had mailed this skull home as a souvenir to his family,  after having removed it from the cap of a dead 17th SS soldier. The collector who sent this in provided the following information: “Obtained from family member. Battlefield removed and mailed home, by Sgt. CLARE ASCHE, (Silver Star)  357th Infantry Regiment, 90th Infantry Division, before his death at Metz.  From a KIA SS soldier from 17th SS Panzer-grenadier Div.”  The skull is in very good condition and shows field use and some threads remaining from the cap removal. An excellent and historic piece of SS insignia. COA accompanies. 


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