Hold (rr) Sharp Waffen-SS NCO Visor Cap

SKU: UArs12


This cap is an original whose markings indicate it has passed through eastern bloc (Czech) possession from the period following WWII until it entered the US collecting market in the early 1990s. It was in collections, then eventually marketed to the consignor in the last decade by Grenadier. The cap features a light grey lining, missing sweat shield; with a grey leatherette sweatband. The visor, crazed and showing gentle age patina, has evidence of being reinforced with hand stitching at some point. The cap is not a frankenstein though, it has correct joinings of the cloth to the piping, and the correct tacking of the interior material, The body of the cap is a higher quality feldgrau wool, piped in white wool (infantry) and properly joined. The cap band is the expected NCO quality black wool. The strap is the SS style. The body of the cap presents as an earlier piece, perhaps 1941-2. The insignia are earlier quality Assmann feinzinc. It is they likely have been replaced at some point, as was the case with many — not all– of these items that were in Czech film studio possession. An excellent cap overall, with lots of history and decent collectible condition. Priced according to its history. Additional pictures can be provided on request.

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