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SOLD (er) Sharp Waffen-SS M40 Combat Helmet


This is a very sharp ET66 Waffen-SS M40, with ET schiefergrau finish and a very nice condition, nearly 100% ET pattern runic shield. The finish is about 90% intact, showing the gentle wear patterns of use of the helmet in medium combat service. The liner is in very good condition and named in ink. On close inspection, the liner bears the manufacture date 1942. This is not unusual since M40s were made up to at least the first half of 1942, until the model 42 went into full production and issue under war conditions. The liner has a bent flange, suggesting it may have been reinstalled or moved out of the helmet at some point. The pins appear unmolested however. The overall condition of the helmet shows the same uniform condition and patina throughout, which may mean the liner adjustments of whatever type, could have been done during the war. A very fine example, priced in accordance with the observations mentioned above. COA accompanies.


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