Sharp Vet Bringback Normandy Camo M42 Heer

SKU: mh12122


This M42 Heer was brought back from Europe by a Bulge veteran named Joe Selden. Joe fought in Normandy and the Bulge, and was awarded the bronze star. There is a youtube video of him narrating how he earned this award at the Bulge. The helmet is an NS66 with a three color camo scheme of the typical ordinance tan, grass green and brick red. The decal is not visible under the thick layers of camo in that area. The rub on the right side is just a period rub, not an attempt to uncover an insignia (nothing there anyway). The liner and original strap are in very good condition overall, and the helmet is nicely named in the liner. Dome stamp is also visible. COA accompanies.