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Sharp SS-VT NCO Visor Cap


This outstanding cap is marked to an individual who was a member of SS-VT Regiment,Deutschland.’ The cap is the typical Kleiderkasse issue, NCO black visor cap, with the earlier white RZM tag and the RFSS tag in the center below the golden SS runes. The interior is the orange chintz of the typical grade on these issue caps. The leatherette sweatband is intact with only one tear.  There are a few moth nips towards the front of the cap but otherwise it is in strong condition overall. The Overhoff skull appears original to the cap and is possible to be appropriate for a black hat. It also features the rub area on the bottom of the chin where it touches the strap buckle. That indicates the skull has been on the hat for some time. The eagle on the other hand, is a collector replaced reproduction due to the original eagle being lost . The cap is reasonably priced, a large size, and would be a great addition to the SS-VT collection. COA accompanies.

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