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RESERVED (rf) Sharp M40 Double Decal Luftwaffe Helmet by Quist


M40 double decal helmets are by definition rare. These were only produced for a short period of weeks / months during the transition period between the model 1935 and 40. The order to switch to only the service branch decal, combined with the production switch to rough texture schiefergrau paint instead of the smooth parade finish, were not done at the same time. So the decals came slightly after the paint and air vent design change, leaving an overlap period wherein these helmets were issued that way. This helmet is a Q64, featuring classic luft schiefergrau, with a well-lacquered adler and a double layer of national shields (which can be see with the factory color paint covering the first national shield), then having another national added on top of that. The helmet has the original untouched liner and strap, and shows wear and patina to the paint, with some paint loss to the top. Overall a nice collectible piece. COA accompanies.

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