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RESERVED (bd) Sharp Luftwaffe ‘Sumpftarn’ FJ Smock


This is a near mint FJ jump smock in the sumpftarn pattern. The smock is factory hand marked IIb for the size (when equipment like this is issued, it is in a supply room with a line of soldiers, and stacked in the shelves according to size. So the markings need to be large and visible for quick, efficient issue. In our Army, it was / still is the same way). The adler is factory applied and is on a feldgrau background. The cuffs bear the elastic sleeve protectors and the snaps are mint and intact. The zippers are the glow in the dark type. The smock is devoid of any damage and displays perfectly. The trousers are WWII Swiss, with a tailored set of pockets and other modifications to create a display-able pair of trousers to closely match the smock for display. They are not German FJ trousers, and are included free of charge to the buyer.  An outstanding set and comes with my COA.

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