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Sharp Luftwaffe “Snake Leg” M35 Helmet


This is a nice example of a ET62, #3584 M35 Luftwaffe Helmet, with the ‘snake leg’ variety of droop tail eagle decal. The helmet is overall service used, and bears the mark of the LBA (Luftwaffe bekleidungsamt) on the chinstrap. This helmet originates from the venerated collection of Ron R, whose catalog number appears as a small white sticker. For those noticing the slight bulging of the liner retaining rivets, this trait was common with the early brass type, which stretch over time when hung by the chinstrap from the field gear– or from heavy wear in the field. This makes the interior ends curl slightly, as the brass pins stretch. The pressure of the liner leaf springs naturally pushes them outward slightly. No pins are bothered or touched. Overall a very nice example of an iconic Luft helmet. COA accompanies.

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