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SOLD (df) Sharp Kriegsmarine M42


This is a near mint KM M42, EF62, partial struck heat lot number, with beautiful 98% schiefergrau finish and 99% beautiful KM adler. The liner and original (interesting, a roller buckle) chinstrap are in excellent condition. The one anomaly noted is the mis-marked liner size 56. This is sometimes seen in helmets, and I don’t put it past EF because as is known, their product was somewhat haphazard in comparison to the consistent quality control of ET, NS, SE, Q makers, throughout the war. Nonetheless, careful scrutiny of all the components yields no replacement, bending, or messing with whatsoever, and I deem it original period ‘as is.’ As a KM M42 goes, this is a super top shelf stunner. COA accompanies.

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