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Kriegsmarine M35 Helmet SE66


Here is a great example of the Model 1935 SE-produced KM helmet, made to M40 specifications, but using up leftover M35 Shells. It is not a reissue, it is a factory issue. This information came from Ken N himself.  The helmet has been curated in the collection of another friend, who has decided to let it find a new home. The condition overall shows moderate service wear, with no abuse or postwar damage. The shell is an SE66 with heat lot number 4853 (see image from the ICE reference of the nearest number for corroboration).  An extra image of the KM shield in natural light accurately shows the depth of gold color of the KM adler. Remnants of a red camouflage stripe can be seen around the circumference. Overall a nice helmet with a reasonable valuation. COA accompanies.

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