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Sharp Heer M35 ‘Bigfoot’ Single Decal Helmet


This is a super sharp example of a M35 Quist double decal helmet, size 62 Shell. The helmet has been re-painted for the 1940 specifications, leaving the eagle exposed, and covering the national Shield. This is a very common configuration for M35 helmets as the war began and the need arose for the rough texture finish being made universally available to military units — while production at the factories¬† switched to this specification fully. The helmet features the original factory issue single-ply liner, but with an updated Rare Tan chin strap. The strap is original to the helmet as issued. The liner is in excellent condition showing only some age and Storage patina. The quist pattern army shield is in beautiful condition and shows the hallmark “Bigfoot” style Heer eagle. A very excellent helmet, worthy of the best combat collection. COA accompanies.

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