(Cl) Sharp Heer M35 Camouflage Helmet

SKU: tm160


This helmet is a fairly early Q64 M35, featuring heat lot number 3022, and bearing a 1937 dated single-ply band liner. Overall the helmet presents very well, with nearly full decals (the national is under the camo paint; the Heer adler is exposed). The percentage of camo paint remaining is well above 90%. The unique thing is, the hand-rendered camo pattern consists of a dark grass green and an earth brownish color, which side by side contrast in a very subtle way. This gives the helmet a nice look– as well as accomplishes the job of camouflaging it very nicely. David M had a great eye for camos, and was especially fond of unit marked and or named pieces. This one bears the name and rank of the former wearer, nicely rendered in the rear skirt. The liner and strap are untouched original to the helmet, with a mouse chewed area to the otherwise good condition leather of the liner. All in all a great piece for the advanced camo collector. COA accompanies.


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