Sharp Heer Camouflaged Helmet and Gas Mask

SKU: Mhpk1


Here is a very interesting set of camouflage items consising of an M40 combat helmet, painted ordinance tan and green, along with a complete gas mask ensemble painted in almost identical colors and technique. They are not from the same soldier, but the collection these came from is an old European collection with some remarkable items not on the market for many years. The helmet itself appears to have taken a .50 caliber round from the above right, (soldier in a prone position firing a weapon or taking cover type of angle), with the exit causing a peel down of the steel on the opposite side, right at the edge of the liner retaining rivet. The round split slightly, causing a partial exit bulge and crack above the main exit hole. None of the liner remains beyond the band and a spring, but the pins and washers are unmolested. The camo finish on the helmet is a strong 85 – 90% intact.  As for the gas mask, it is a complete outfit, including the canvas straps and the full mask. The paint scheme is near identical, making it a good match for the helmet in display. I am selling these as a set, but not as a set originating from the same soldier, just to be clear. A fine battle souvenir of likely the Normandy Campaign, possibly Italy. My COA accompanies purchase.