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Sharp, Early SS-RZM Helmet in Gloss Black


This superb SS-RZM helmet example is most likely a contract prototype, as it bears no roller stamped SS or RZM markings as would be expected on this precise helmet model. The location of the liner retaining rivets in proportion to the air vents are the telltale sign of an RZM helmet. The precise chinstrap configuration is the other hallmark trait. This helmet is a medium size, featuring a gloss black lacquer finish, typical liner and strap system, and no decals (the period photo shows two no-decal gunmetal finish RZM helmets with early SS adornment of swastika only; pre-dating the award of the runes by ,DF’). These were made under contract by the SS with a firm outside the Reich, most likely in Brunn, Czechoslavakia, where considerable armaments and equipment factories existed. The Czech produced equipment was famous throughout the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and their prowess lasted through the inter-war period (and frankly, until the present day with fine arms still). The SS had no access to the mainstream OKW supply, recruitment or training systems due to their political rather than military origins and use. Arguably, this was an advantage, because they were able to obtain outstanding helmets within this contract, in terms of design and functionality–and style. The RZM helmet is an iconic piece of SS headgear in all respects. Price includes my 100% lifetime guarantee of authenticity

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