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Sold Sharp Early Spanner FJ Helmet, Lat War Refitted

This is a great example of an early spanner Luftwaffe FJ helmet that was produced around 1940,  with single decal and then was repainted and re-fitted with a liner late in the war, whereby it continued service use. The shell shows the light repaint and the eagle can see and be seen nearly fully intact under the paint. The spanners have not been turned since the helmet was refitted most likely, as they show zero disturbance to the patina of the bolts. Especially on the inside this is visible, where the straps were installed and there is literally no disturbance of the fine patina that accumulates over time on the rivets and strap grommets. Overall an outstanding example of a real veteran helmet that is in great condition. It is well marked, and likely  the g.i. who brought it back (Reilly) wrote his name in between the markings as well. Coa accompanies.

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