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Sharp Camo M42 Heer


This helmet was purchased by an advanced French collector who reports it came from a family member of an elderly American gentleman who had the helmet, but had no idea where it came from… It had been in his family’s home, and he nearly had thrown it away, but decided to put it up for sale. Thank goodness for that, because it is an outstanding piece. The collector’s comments are as follows: Having observed the helmet I think that the paint inside comes from accident the time the helmet was camoed. You may observe in a white paint spot a small green paint spot (the two colors before being mixed). Other interesting thing to be observed is a small vegetal piece still stuck under one of the front rivets. The name is a nice add. I think the “obew” is Oberwachmeister(?)”

The helmet is an M42 CKL66 with heat lot number 3632. The liner is in untouched fine condition, as is the original chinstrap. The finish is the typical ET schiefergrau, medium texture. The sprayed camo finish is subtle, and consists of a mixture of green and white, providing some contrast in design. As the collector points out, there is a paint spill in the inside, touching the liner and pooling in the dome. It has age cracks to it. As camo helmets go, this one is an outstanding example, that would go very nicely with a mid war – to – Normandy combat display.  COA accompanies.

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