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Sharp and Salty Waffen-SS Officer’s Visor Cap


This is a sharp Waffen-SS Officer’s visor cap, with nice saddle shape, showing moderate service wear. The insignia are cupal and match nicely in condition. The skull, an Overhoff, is sewn in place between the eyes; the pins can still be felt on the inside of the cap band (assume likely rebadging at some point in the past). The material is mid-quality officer Trikot, with the golden yellow lining, full sweat darkened sweatband, and some of the sweatshield remaining. The cap has a lot of what I consider to be pomade (hair tonic) staining, which accounts for the dark amber color in some areas. The sweatband shows re-marking underneath, and there appears to be a cutout marking in the lining itself; or possibly a scrape in the fabric–it is difficult to discern. The cutting and ‘plesier’ (folding) of the inner lining are spot on, and the tacking remains fairly fully intact. The visor shows some light reinforcement tacking, thread is stiff and possibly old. A sharp looking, “been there” SS Officer’s cap. COA accompanies.

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