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Sharp and Rare RLB Officer’s Outfit


This Tunic and visor cap are excellent examples of a uniform worn by and badged to a Reichsluftschutzbund (RLB) Oberluftschutzfuehrer. The Tunic is a Bayreuth master-tailored piece, featuring fine bullion quality insignia of the Luftschutz rank equivalent of a first lieutenant. The cut of the tunic is ‘Rock’ style, indicating early war manufacture. The insignia are tailor applied and feature fine bullion workmanship of the tabs and sleeve eagle. The armband is a fine example featuring an embroidered quality swastika. The visor cap is a private purchase in bluegrey whipcord wool, fine quality bullion badging and also features a Bayreuth maker’s label under the sweat shield. The rarity and excellent condition make this ensemble very desirable. COA accompanies purchase.

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